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Mushroom Harvest Bowl - 17

seasonal mushrooms, korean pear shoyu, onsen tamago, toasted rice

Crispy Corn & Cheese - 14

corn riblets, chipotle aioli, gochujang corn puree, crunchy quinoa, cotija

Oyster Mushroom Taco - 17

tempura oyster mushroom, gochujang corn puree, pico de gallo, crème fraîche

Grilled Asparagus - 15

burnt chili dwenjang, crème fraîche, parmigiano reggiano


Brussels Sprouts - 14

yuja glaze, chili dust

Truffle Dduk & Cheese - 17

brown butter korean rice cake, six-cheese mornay, crunchy quinoa, garlic crostini



Birria Mandu - 19

braised black angus, bone marrow consommé, cotija

Fried Chicken Wings - 16

soy garlic, spicy radish cubes

Spicy Chicken & Cheese - 18

herb butter chicken, three cheese pomme purée, gochujang glaze, perilla sauce

Steak & Potatoes - 23

prime short rib, beef confit potatoes, fermented chimichurri

Baby Back Ribs - 21

citrus dwenjang, perilla tempura, chili corn purée

Pork & Radish Bossam - 19

braised pork belly, pickled radish noodles, perilla pesto

Berkshire Kimchi Fried Rice - 19

tender Berkshire pork, caramelized kimchi, crunchy quinoa, onsen tamago


Tuna Tartar - 19

yellowfin tuna noodle, lemon shallot aioli, crispy sunchoke chips

Scallop Crudo - 19

korean whelk, garlic herb beurre noisette, crostini

Seafood Kalguksu - 23

knife cut noodles, haemul broth, manilla clams, seasonal seafood


Black Sesame Bread Pudding - 11

warm black sesame bread pudding, vanilla bean gelato, maple candied almonds

Injeolmi Churros - 12

churro donuts, whipped cream, vanilla bean gelato, chocolate sauce, burnt honey

*** Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness ***

Please notify the server if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions


Soju Elixirs

*All cocktails are 16*

Seoul Mule ginger shred, lime, lager

Namu basil, pineapple, yuzu 

Summer Sky yuzu, sparkling blue 

Jadu dry martini, plum notes

Origami yuja, lemon, white foam

Bool pomegranate, spicy margarita

Jejudo grapefruit, coconut, pineapple

Fresh Evening basil, cucumber, lime, sparkle

Dalgona espresso, dulce de leche, cold foam

Wine G/B

Josh - 14/52

cabernet sauvignon, california, 2021

Erath - 15/64

pinot noir, oregon, 2021

Lesse - Fitch - 13/44 

merlot, california, 2021

Saldo - 19/90

red zinfandel, california

Kim Crawford - 14/59

sauvignon blanc, new zealand, 2023

La Creama - 15/69

chardonnay, california, 2022

Lamarca - 15/69

prosecco, italy 

Ruffino - 14/60

prosecco, organic, italy  

Draft Beer

Krombacher Pilsner (Germany 4.8% ABV) - 8 

crisp, malty, easy drinking

Weihenstephaner Lager (Germany 5.2% ABV) - 8

mild, drinkable, light and rounded hop

Sloop Juice IPA (England 6.5% ABV) - 9

deliciously fruity and hoppy

Bottle Beer

Kizakura "Lucky Dog" (Japan 4.8% ABV) - 11 

citrusy, light, smooth aftertaste

Kizakura "Lucky Cat" (Japan 5% ABV) - 11

delicate flavor, hints of yuzu


Kikusui Funaguchi, Honjozo (18% ABV, 200ml) - 13 

fresh, fruity flavor with smooth finish

Kikusui Funaguchi, Ginjo (19% ABV, 200ml) - 15 

ricy, tangy flavor with clean finish

Kikusui Funaguchi, Nigori (21% ABV, 300ml) - 18 

full bodied sweetness, velvety, with a crisp, dynamic finish

Korean Craft

Yobo Soju Luxe (23% ABV, 375ml) - 50

fragrant floral aroma, a mellow sweet mouth feel, and an impossibly clean finish

Jinro Ilpoom (24% ABV, 375ml) - 45

prominent tasting notes of caramel 

The Emperor(24% ABV, 375ml) - 45

smooth, easy drinking

Tokki White Label (23% ABV, 375ml) - 45

a bright nose that's light and refreshing on the palate

Seoul Night (23% ABV, 375ml) - 45

pleasant floral plum flavors with a dry aftertaste and smooth texture

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